Understanding social networking

Social networks essentially are a representation of the relationships between individuals and each other and individuals and organisations. With this in mind Social networking could be described as the process and practice of interaction, engagement and sharing of information with aforementioned individuals and/or organisations who share a common interest. Social networking services provide web-based platforms that facilitate the building and maintenance of social networks, allowing users to connect with others to share ideas, activities, opinions and interests.

The Mindmap below outlines the social networking technologies and sites that I use and how I use them.


I would hope to emerge from this course with a much deeper understanding of the networking potential of the sites listed above as well as an understanding other social networking technologies not yet explored. Upon completion of INF206 I look forward to a higher level of comfort and familiarity in the creation of online content. It is hoped that this deeper understanding of the nature of relationships and networks and how these connections may be utilised, may support my own informational, organisational and social needs. This knowledge may have the potential to assist support relevant, innovative and evolutionary information service provision. Additionally, my new competencies may assist in the education of clients in creating and sharing content and building and maintaining networks, all of which may assist them to flourish in the “social cyberspace.”( Ezeani & Igwesi 2012, p.2)


Ezeani, C. N.,Ph D., & Igwesi, U. (2012). Using social media for dynamic library service delivery: The Nigeria experience. Library Philosophy and Practice, 1-8. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1349930464?accountid=10344


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