Conversation is King

“If content falls on the web and no one discusses it- does it exist?”                 (Hayes, 2008, October 28)

This philosophical question posed by Hayes triggered a further shift in my perception of the nature of social media. The importance of engagement in social networking through conversation was highlighted for me and I now understand how it is not enough to create content. In order to truly engage with social media one must join conversations, reply and comment on content produced by others. By engaging with content in this way, one can truly become part of one’s chosen online community. This interaction and exchange of ideas through conversation would allow for the building of relationships, something that could be seen to lie at the very heart of the nature of social networking.

In this YouTube video, Daniel Roth discusses how content must be created with conversation in mind- something that will encourage comments and opinions. This, he explains will encourage the content to take on a life of its own, prolonging its lifespan and allowing it to realise its fullest potential.


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Roth, D. (2013, June 7) Content isn’t king, conversation is king – [Video file]. TheFestivalofMedia  . Retrieved from


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