An information professional…..


An information professional in a Web 2.0 world:

  • Thrives on change and is willing to let go of old, established ways of doing things if necessary in order to meet the changing needs of clients
  • Is discerning about choosing web 2.0 tools that best meet the user’s needs rather than focusing on a technology just for the sake of it or because it is new.
  • Is comfortable using Web 2.0 tools for collaboration with others in order to pool knowledge and work towards shared goals.
  • Understands the power of non-textual information sources such as pictures and video, and has the ability to sample and remix media content in order to support the communication of information.
  • Trusts the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and is able to harness the collective intelligence by facilitating and supporting user-generated content
  • Has a genuine understanding of the information culture of patrons that has come about through interaction and conversation with them in online social spaces.
  • Has a flexible attitude towards making mistakes and experimenting with technology, and is willing to change a Web 2.0 tool if patron response and feedback indicates that it is not fulfilling a need.
  • Creates channels for communication that allow for users to participate in discussions and to contribute content.
  • Shapes information services to reflect user preferences and expectations rather than assuming that patrons will conform to a traditional library view.

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