My experience using a new tool,software or game.

Aurasma is a virtual reality (VR) application which overlays images or video on top of a trigger image, the finished product is then viewed through a smartphone or tablet. I found it to be fairly straightforward to use, and a high level of technical expertise was not required in order to begin creating my own VR image. I created an account (free!) on a computer so as to upload chosen trigger images and overlays in order to create my VR image (‘aura’) as well as downloading the application on my smartphone in order to view ‘auras’. Once I understood that these are essentially two accounts I was better able to wrap my mind around learning how to use the platform.

Uploading a trigger image was straightforward. However, there was a steep learning curve initially in regards to file sizes that would work when uploading a video for the overlay, but I found help both through the Aurasma site and other online tutorials. Also, as I wanted to use videos from YouTube I had to figure out how to save them for uploading, but if you were using videos that you created and saved yourself I imagine that this would not be a problem. A further learning curve arose when attempting to view ‘auras’ through my device as I didn’t realise that you need to ‘follow’ the account of the person who created the ‘aura’ that you wish to view.

I created the ‘aura’ below with a view to promoting a book for young adults that is a finalist in the YABBA book awards for 2016. However, one would only be limited by their own imagination when utilising this tool, Birmingham City University’s eLibrary blog offers an in-depth exploration of potential uses of Aurasma within a library setting and presents some great ideas.


        loyal creatures


To watch this ‘aura’ come to life, first download the Aurasma app. onto your device. When you open the app, tap on the ‘A’ at the bottom centre of the screen, then select magnifying glass to open the search window where you can type in the name of an account or aura to follow. In this case type in LainiF’s-Loyal Creatures then tap ‘follow’. Then activate the camera within the app by clicking on [ ] at the bottom of the screen. Use the camera to point at the image above, the ‘aura’ will be triggered by the image.



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